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Foundation system

LEGALETT foundation system

LEGALETT foundation was designed and developed in Sweden in 1980’s as a unique solution to prevent dampness penetrating the building structure and to be used on very demanding terrain providing best possible protection against most severe weather conditions.

LEGALETT foundation can be built on almost any type of terrain and thanks to its unique design (spreading the load all over the platform) makes it the only choice a variety of building structures where traditional footings can’t be used. LEGALETT foundation avoids expensive ground works and sets a new standard for industry – delivering the finished platform just in 4-7 days.

As a genius structure LEGALETT eliminates thermal bridging, reducing energy bills and CO2 footprint, it becomes the 1st choice for modern energy saving and passive developments across Europe. Each foundation is individually designed by LEGALETT engineers and completed by fully trained and highly skilled teams.

THE LEGALETT air heating system is unique and over the years proved to be the most reliable and safest heating system in the industry. It can work with any heating source such as gas/oil boilers, stoves, ground & air source pumps or it can use its own electric heater. It does not require any additives such as frost protection and is totally maintenance free.

THE LEGALETT system provides excellent thermal comfort throughout the house and thanks to low heating temperature it allows any flooring material to be used. Slow air circulation within the room creates allergy friendly environment. The air heated system is built in during the process of creating the LEGALETT foundation platform. Specially designed pipes run within the concrete base creating loops where heated air provides heating for the whole building. The air is warmed by the heat exchanger or by electric heater specially designed by LEGALETT to provide the most cost effective solution.

LEGALETT is the only patented air heated foundation system.

LEGALETT foundation does not require deep footing trenches and it can be build in just 4-7 days (compared to traditional footings – ca 6 weeks)

3 in 1
THE LEGALETT system combines: traditional footings, screed and floor heating at the same time. A perfectly smooth finished surface is ready for laying any type of floor

THE LEGALETT system eliminates thermal bridging and provides exceptional U value=0,07w/m2C (compared to standard footings U=3,48W/m2C), it reduces energy bills and makes it the preferred choice for modern passive development

Provides the most environmentally friendly foundation system which significantly reduces CO2 footprint

The unique design of LEGALETT foundation helps to spread the structural loads over the whole platform making it suitable for the most demanding conditions (volcanic rock, post mining areas)

Powered by the foundation air heating system LEGALETT provides the best possible thermal comfort (floor temperature of 22-24*C creates allergy friendly air flow)

SAFETY, no maintenance
An air heated LEGALETT system eliminates any possible damage to the property caused by water leaks and makes the whole system maintenance free.